Wishes and suggestions

You can write your wishes and suggestions in the comments on this page, and in the near future I will try to implement them.
Thank you for reading my cross stitching blog!

24 comments на “Wishes and suggestions”

  1. Hi, I’m searching a Lickle Ted picture in cross stitch pattern, but I haven’t luck. Is BL769-54 My First Lickle Ted Patchwork Sampler, could you make it?



  2. dotty95: I’ll post this charts in a few days.

  3. hello I look for queen of sea from joan elliot and the celtic wedding sampler and shakespears gardenflowers, thanks forward

  4. Hi, I’m looking for DMC Leaflet Ballerina. Thanks.

  5. Hi..
    and also I’m searching Midnight Dance from Dimensions. Thanks a lot.

  6. midorizuki, Midnight Dance – http://cross-stitching-blog.com/archives/6234
    Leaflet Ballerina wasn’t found by now…

  7. Hello, I’m looking for Dimension 35259 My little sunshine! Thanks

  8. Katrina_phan, http://cross-stitching-blog.com/archives/6581

  9. Hi, do you have Noah’s Submarine by Stoney Creek/Stewart Moskowitz. thanks.

  10. and also I’m looking for «I Love My Father (Japanese)» from Pinn (code: 48-B). Thanks a lot.

  11. hi

    i download Break Dance Mziki Mkali .
    But file is corrupt.
    pls any one find this file and let me know.


  12. I’ve tested files of Break Dance Mziki Mkali on Depositfiles – it works.

  13. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could post the birthtile from Sesame Street from Permin of Copenhagen. The number is 39-7410.

    Greetz Jocselyn

  14. I’m looking for Paris Market Dimension, Parisian Bcycle and do you have any HAED design? Thank you..love this block soo much

  15. Hello,

    I tried to download Serenitys Garden Dimensions, but depositfiles says the file does not exist.


  16. hi
    I need the charts for the lilliput range as follows
    Toy shop
    Penny’s post
    The Book Shop
    Porlock down

    Will you be so kind as to either place it on your site, or mail them to me.

    I am in South Africa, and we do not have an outlet that sells this.


  17. Hmm…after visiting your website, you seriously completed my wishlist! I love this website so muuuuuuuch! Keep it up! Just for the info, my previous wishlist was ‘me to you’, but this place is packed with ‘me to you’!

  18. do you have pattern of Peking Opera ?

  19. I’ve been looking for several months for the pattern for the Sundancer Carousel from Dimensions (I believe its sumber is 3876). It’s out of print though. Any chance you might have it?

  20. Hello,

    I’m looking for «Innocent Guardian» by Dimensions.(gold collection). I love that angel. I’d love to find the chart.
    Thank you.

    Love this blog too.


  21. Hi,

    I’m looking for «Innocent Guardian» By Dimensions . Please.

    Thank you.

  22. Hi I bought the Home Sweet Home kit which I have done. But I have lost the pattern and need to do one for my friend can you tell me how I can get the pattern for this.

  23. Hi,
    I’m looking for the chart Sea View cottage by Anchor. Can you please help me?

  24. i need pattern of Gorjuss series.
    could you help me?

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